Sunday, April 17, 2011

Real-time statistics

During the journey from life to death, we humans exhibit the creative urge in one way or the other. The walls on my ancestral house still exhibit some of my original creative urges in the form of scrawls/sketches, random lines and circles (well, not quite lines and circles). Why do we, as children, first attempt lines and circles anyway?

Anyhow, the creative urge remains throughout our lives. Contemporarily it is possible to release these juices by any number of technological tools; graphics tools such as google sketch-up, writing tools such as a few amongst them. But having created something, we must also have it appreciated. There is a child-like pleasure in the realization that some unknown person thousands of miles away finds our creation of use to them. But until such person/persons unknown choose to drop a note of encouragement/advice we just happen to be groping in the dark. In a sense it is like the early days of telephony when we stepped out of home, and returned home not knowing whether somebody called whilst we were out. The answering machine changed that uncertainty. Install an answering machine, and we would know not only whether somebody called but also when they did so.

I encountered Feedjit whilst reading the network-security blog
The tool is similar to google analytics but differs in that it provides a real-time note of the location of any visitors to the site. It could be of great value in data-mining; what pages on your site attract the most visitors, how the visitors navigate across the pages, search engine redirects, visitor demographics could be used to spin-off additional sites that cater specific to a region, and so on

The free version attracts advertisements, but that is a small price to pay (+: