Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First there was ASCII ...

Most people who use a computer are usually well-versed with English. Sufficiently so to be able to use the necessary command/response sequences ... even if it is by rote.

i18n is still very new. Although i18n, or internationalization/localization as it is known has grown to include more and more locales each year - it appears to be restricted to applications. To write an application the developer is limited either a GUI drag/drop interface, or to the roman alphabet. Along the same lines I am yet to see an Operating System that allows a command input any language other than english commands! The same applies to the address-bar in a browser window.

With the growth of services such as Google's Translate, would one expect the foreseeable future to see the layman able to type the URI '' in the vernacular (devnagari, japanese, urdu, hindi, bengali ... whatever) and for the DNS Server to recognize it and return the same page?